Premium Headgear with EZ Peel Tabs
Practical, rugged, easy to get into, and oh, so comfortable

Like a favorite pair of blue jeans, the new Premium Headgear with EZ Peel Tabs from Respironics offers comfort, durability and that “just right” fit.

The new Premium Headgear with EZ Peel Tabs has a simpler overall design that gives patientsa new level of comfort, along with easy-to-use features and increased durability. In other words, it’s a total improvement over any other headgear we’ve previously offered. Soft Lycra stretch fibers are used to weave thicker, wider straps.

They feel more comfortable against the skin and won’t dig into the neck the way thin straps do. And, wide straps help to keep the mask more stable during use. EZ Peel tabs at the end of the straps are easy to locate and easy to adjust to help find the perfect fit. Yet, these easy-to-release tabs will hold strong night after night. This new headgear is tough and durable enough to stand up to repeated washing, while keeping the softness you appreciate. The new Premium Headgear comes standard with the ComfortGel and ComfortFull 2 masks. It can also be ordered separately for use with most Comfort Series masks.

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