DC Power Accessories

Respironics DC Power Accessories include our DC Interface Module, DC Battery Adapter Cable, DC Power Adapter and Shielded DC Cord. These accessories are specifically designed to work with many of our noninvasive ventilators and sleep therapy products. With the proper accessory, many Respironics’ systems can be attached to our Universal Portable Battery Pack, a vehicle battery or connected to a 12 volt, 90 amp free-standing marine battery.


Shielded DC Cord (PN1001956)
The Shielded DC Cord can be used to operate Respironics’ CPAP systems as well as some BiPAP systems when AC power is not available. The cord plugs into the Universal Battery Pack or a standard cigarette lighter socket found in most vehicles and is required for operation of the systems listed under the Battery Operation chart.

DC Power Adapter (PN1012975)
With the DC Power Adapter, there are three additional power options. You can operate many Respironics BiPAP systems using our Universal Portable Battery or other 12 volt DC power source; plug into a standard vehicle cigarette lighter socket (requires Auto Adapter included); or connect to a freestanding 12 volt DC battery.

DC Interface Module (PN552097)
The DC Interface Module allows you to operate many Respironics’ CPAP and BiPAP systems from a 12 volt DC power source. The module plugs into a standard vehicle cigarette lighter socket to provide AC power. With the addition of a battery adapter cable, it can be connected directly to a freestanding, 12 volt DC battery. This is not for use with the Universal Portable Battery Pack.

DC Battery Adapter Cable (PN532209)
The DC Battery Adapter Cable, when connected to either the DC Interface Module or the Shielded DC Cord, enables Respironics’ CPAP and BiPAP systems to operate from a 12 volt DC, deep cycle marine-type battery.


The required DC accessory depends on the system used and/or the prescribed pressure delivered by the system. To operate the systems from a free-standing 12 volt battery, a DC Battery Adapter Cable must be added. The DC accessories listed must only be used with the Respironics devices listed. When operating a Respironics system from a vehicle battery, the battery should be recharged after every eight hours of system use. If the battery is allowed to discharge too far, there may not be enough power remaining to start the vehicle. The time required to fully recharge the battery will vary. Caution: DC Power Accessories are intended for stationary use only. They are not to be used to make a system mobile.

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